She said yes, and then we said “I Do!” (Turner’s Diary)

After I turned 18 and my long term girlfriend Eugenia turned 18, I popped the question to her and she said yes.  Shortly after Eugenia and I got married and she was delighted to take the Berry last name, which made me and my mom happy.  My twin sister’s Kanami and Yuki are now 16 and  my wife and I are 20 years old it’s crazy how time flies. You know something interesting happened in our life – I mean we all heard the myths about werewolves, and vampires and things around town but didn’t really believe them. Now though we have a reason to believe them, because that interesting thing that happened in our life…just so happened to be my step dad(though I call him my dad) becoming a victim of it.

He doesn’t remember much of if though, except that he woke up with a excruciating headache and had what look like spider bites on his neck. He said after he noticed all that he wiped off his neck of a little bit of blood and came home. He said he felt weak and that was about it, and that he was feeling sick and thought he was coming down with a cold. Oh.. I almost forgot my younger brother Kazuki is now 10 years old, right back to what I was saying. Dimitri’s cold seemed to get worse I guess, but one day well actually it was night which just made it all the more ironic.

After working out for awhile which is one of my dad’s favorite past times he decided to take a break and watch t.v. Something didn’t feel right to him he said and suddenly his eye sight was sharper, and his incisors grew super sharp. It was really hard from him to breath all the sudden and he was really thirsty, and not the I need water type of thirsty. Suddenly Dimitri wasn’t human anymore..but a vampire. I heard my mom screaming in the phone at someone, and asking my dad questions which didn’t help because my dad didn’t remember much.  So that was the interesting thing that happened in our life, now my dad can’t go out during the day, or eat human food – and it seems like he won’t be aging like the rest of us.

Ch. 1.8 The Turn!

With everything getting situated…after Turner getting married to his long term girlfriend, Kanami and Yuki turning 16 and then finally Kazuki turning 10 – we thought everything would be just fine. We heard myths of course about vampires and werewolves and other things around town lately but didn’t believe them. We just thought it was news paper’s trying to get attention or people trying to get attention. Apparently they weren’t myth’s after all – though I continued going to work, Yuki got a job as a Spa Specialist. Turner went into the Military and his wife Eugenia went into Journalism, while Dimitri and Kanami stayed unemployed so that there was still someone to look after Kazuki.

I guess you can call me a protective mom still, I know Kazuki is 10 and all, but still felt that maybe someone should still be around the house just in case he needed someone to talk to. My mom was glad to hear that Turner got married, and that Kazuki had a good birthday and that the twins are doing good too. My mom is glad that I’m doing good too, and liked my cabin remodel that I had done. Then it happened one day, Dimitri met someone at the gym he went there a lot on his free time when someone else was home besides Kanami. He met someone by the name of Simon Broke, and that is when Dimitri realized vampires were no longer a myth.

Dimitri put what Simon was aside and became friends with him, a lot said to be very weary of Simon though because vampires couldn’t be trusted. I guess Dimitri wanted to see for himself instead of listen to other’s, which made sense to me – that is how Dimitri always has been. Regardless Dimitri did his daily routine and continued to go to the gym and one day after he got out of the gym shower something came up from behind him and bit him. The last thing he remembers is falling onto the bathroom floor and waking up hours later with a aching headache and felt really weak. He noticed after looking in the mirror two marks on his neck like spider bites, splashing his face and wiping his neck off Dimitri made his way back home.

Dimitri didn’t think anything of it, and the next few days of feeling weird and itching just figured he was coming down with something. I was worried about him and he told me he didn’t remember much except that he got attacked from behind at the gym and felt like he got bit. I felt better that he told me, and was hoping he was also just coming down with a cold – that aside we were talking and were thinking about having another baby. Though Dimitri and I decided to wait until Kanami and Yuki moved out, and also maybe wait until Turner and his wife Eugenia had their first. I am not sure if they are planning on having children just yet though, I haven’t heard them talk about it but I know Turner would like to continue the name just like my mom wanted me to do.

A few days later while Dimitri was watching t.v after taking a break from working out, he suddenly didn’t feel all that great. Before he knew it everything changed, his eye sight – skin was so cold, and suddenly he has super sharp incisors and a thirst that made it so he can barely breath. An I knew exactly what happened…that spider bite wasn’t a normal spider bite, wasn’t even a spider at all. I called Simon up right away and asked what the heck happened or what did he do to Dimitri, I just had this gut instinct is was Simon’s fault that all of this happened. Simon simply said I did exactly what your husband Dimitri asked me to do so many days ago – which was to turn him.

I had no idea what he was talking about! I asked Dimitri who was on the floor regaining his breath – which obviousy he didn’t need anymore which just brought tears to my eyes…what Simon was talking about and Dimitri said he had no idea and he never asked Simon to do anything. I remembered then that Dimitri told me that he didn’t remember much..which told me Simon had done something to Dimitri to make Dimitri say he wanted to be turned. I yelled into the phone that I’d never forgive Simon for what he’d done to my husband Dimitri and hung up the phone. My husband…was now a vampire, wasn’t human anymore. Couldn’t eat human food, or be out in the day…couldn’t really do anything. I still loved him, and felt bad for him because now he’d never be able to leave this world..age nothing – my love for him will never change though but I will never forgive Simon Broke for what he has done..

Ch. 1.7 Birthday!

Before Dimitri and I knew it Kazuki’s birthday was here. I was greatful that Dimitri and Turner took care of Kazuki when I need rest on day’s I got off from work sometimes. I did try and spend time with everyone in the family regardless of how tired I was from work though and continued to get promoted in my job. Dimitri and I decided to throw Kazuki a little birthday party with the help of his twin sister’s Kanami, and Yuki and Turner and his wife Eugenia(yes Turner popped the question, and shortly after they got married!). Dimitri helped Kazuki blow out the little candle on his cake with a huge smile on his face. In no time at all was Kazuki walking and talking, the hardest part was potty training Kazuki – we think he was scared of his little potty.

None the less right before Kazuki turned three and a half he was potty trained. Everything else just came to Kazuki naturally his little logic toy and his little music toy all got learned with in two weeks time. His favorite thing was us all reading to him. Soon enough Kazuki’s tenth birthday came around, he was excited it seemed to be starting a new school and meeting new kids. We noticed though he didn’t like being around people much including us around the age of 6, he starts to get nervous and immediately disappears to the solitude of his room with his door locked.

Dimitri and I started getting worried, and wondered if maybe we should talk to a specialist. Then it hit us..Kazuki just liked to be alone, and we stopped worrying right away. Kazuki didn’t like crowds and enjoyed being alone it made him learn quicker, and made him happier. We didn’t need to worry about him being depressed or anti social, he just enjoyed being alone and so we let him be just that. Kazuki would alway’s come and eat with us though and do a little family time but we never pressed him to stay around, he of course wouldn’t talk much but that was okay.

The twins caught on quick and left it alone, and Turner sat down and asked me about it even though he was married and everything. I simply just explained it to him, I understood where he was coming from…it was his youngest brother after all.

Ch. 1.6 Surprise Pregnancy

Two years after Kanami and Yuki’s birthday’s I felt the all to familiar sickness. I wasn’t sure at all, and I definitely wasn’t ready but I was excited. Still I took a test to be sure and lo and behold it was positive, it made my heart sore into the sky that I was going to have a baby again. I had already chosen Turner to be the heir of the Berry Family even before the Twins turned 10, mainly because I didn’t want to break the bond between the twins..and also because the twins were still to young. Also it didn’t seem like Turner wasn’t having any trouble what so ever with his now long term girlfriend Eugenia, in fact Dimitri and I think he’s about to pop the question to Eugenia any time now – we’re guessing when they both turn 18 which is soon.

Plus Eugenia has practically moved in anyway, we aren’t exactly sure how that happened but Dimitri and I try and stay out of Turner’s business. Turner knows he can always come to us if something is wrong, Eugenia knows it too we’ve known her long enough. I called everyone into the living room and broke to them the news of my pregnancy and Dimitri took me into his arms and said that’s great honey, and Turner said congratulations. I gave a inward sigh of relief that no one was upset, we had enough money by now to pay the bills, keep food on the table and I was still working and painting. Even Dimitri was painting and well Turner was painting ever since he could pick up a paint brush – his paintings were great and he would sell them as well.

As the months went by we eventually just moved Kanami’s things into Yuki’s room, Kanami didn’t mind at all considering we’d always find Kanami in Yuki’s room anyway and converted Kanami’s room into the baby’s room. We went to daily doctor appointments and found out we were having a boy and so we painted the baby’s room accordingly, a pleasant baby blue color and got funiture to match the color. As the due date came closer I was growing more restless and so was everyone else, we were all eager to meet the new family member. The twins would run to me every time I made a sound thinking I’d gone into labor early, and everyone was pretty much walking on egg shells in the house.

One night when I was finally able to lay down and rest, after the little one stopped being restless and kicking in my tummy and I was able to sleep.. it didn’t seem like I’d just laid down when I was back up and in labor. I looked at the clock though and it said I’d slept for about 3 hours. This time I didn’t scream, I just did the breathing and shook Dimitri awake and told him it was time. He quietly got ready he was trying to hide his excitement and panic at the same time, and he went and quickly knocked on Turner’s door hoping he wasn’t disturbing anything and told Turner he was taking me to the hospital. Turner said okay don’t worry I’ll take care of the twins, and that was that and we were off.

Dimitri was speeding down the highway 10 miles above the speed limit and I told him to slow down, he wasn’t really listening. I knew he’d be safe regardless, we got to the hospital and I in a wheel chair and into the delivery room – 10 hours of labor and a little baby boy was born. Dimitri and I decided to call him Kazuki, I am not sure what made us think of the name but we both loved it. Two hours later we were heading home to introduce Kazuki to the family, everyone loved him and wanted to hold him. The excitement seemed a little to much for Kazuki because he started screaming on the top of his was time to feed him and put him in his crib and for me to get some much needed rest while Dimitri and Turner offered to look after him.

Ch. 1.5 Birth. Birthdays.

You remember when I said our lives were about to change, but for the better? well Dimitri and I decided after a year we were married that we wanted a baby. The sickness felt all to familiar, but I took a test to be sure anyway an sure enough it was positive. I was so happy that I quickly made may way to the living room and called everyone in there to announce the news. Turner was even excited, and that made me happy to see – I am guessing he’s been wanting a younger brother or sister for awhile. The sickness was horrible, way worse then when I had Turner though I could barely keep anything down that I ate.

Eventually the sickness subsided and I was finally able to keep things down. With that though came increase in my hunger, and my restlessness and my cravings. With the growing hunger and restlessness, came the growing of my tummy it was huge even in my second trimestor. Though with the baby coming along we knew we had to add a room onto my lovely Cabin with the Japanese Flare and so we did just that. Finally the time came, and I screamed making poor Dimitri fall out of bed asking what, what is it.

I said what’s it look like I’m in labor, it took him no time in getting ready and we were headed to the hospital. Numerous hours later…we left the hospital with not one, but two little bundles of joy – both were baby girls. We named the first one Kanami and her sister who was only a few minutes behind her Yuki. Let me tell you…taking care of twins was not a easy task, but soon we got down a pattern or way of taking care of the twins that worked and before we knew it the years had gone by and it was the twins birthday. The twins were going to be 2 years old and I couldn’t wait to see what the future held, neither could Dimitri.

Kanami ended up having Black hair and Black eyes and we’re not sure why – Dimitri and I think it may have to do with his side of the family somewhere farther back in the genetics and bloodline(because I have Brown Hair and Brown Eyes). Yuki ended up having her Daddy’s Blonde hair and almost Minty Green eyes. We soon found out that the twins couldn’t stand being away from one another, but still put them in their seperate rooms(yeah we had to add another room once we found out it was twins). Still one way or another the twins would find one way or another to one another’s rooms and either sleep outside the crib or in one another’s cribs. We’ve gotten woken up more then once to both girls screaming because either one or both had nightmares and wanted one another’s company or.. they just wanted to be near eachother.

The twins learned quickly and loved playing together, followed eachother. Before we knew it though it was the twin’s 10th birthday already. We were happy no more wailing in their cribs and changing the occasional(rare) wet diaper, and threw a small birthday party for the girls and watched them blow out their candles. Kanami and Yuki were excited to be starting a new grade and meeting new classmates but were far from wanting to go to bed after their birthday party…what did we expect right? While Kanami and Yuki finished opening their presents and then ran around outside Dimitri and I and Turner even Turner’s girlfriend Eugenia cleaned up the kitchen and went and sat down.

Ch. 1.4 I Do!

Shortly after Turner turned 16 a few months even Dimitri and I exchanged vows. It was a small private wedding, it was something Dimitri and I had decided on – our big first sit down talk before even becoming a married couple, I thought it was funny. We decided on it because I didn’t have much money and also Dimitri wanted to talk to me and say he’d be delighted if I let him take Berry as his last name since he knew how important it was for the Berry name to continue. I almost broke down into tears which confused him, but I said yes that is fine, and apologized for breaking down and crying. I had forgotten that I told him about what my mom asked me to do…keep the Berry name going.

I soon got used to having more then just Turner and I in the house and I was loving it. Not a night went by did I not come home to dinner being made by Dimitri for Turner and I and Dimitri to sit down and eat together. We were a happy family and I was so happy, I of course called my mother and told her about my being married now and she was very happy for me. Life could not be any better, Turner was doing great in school and even had a girlfriend – he called her the girl of his dreams. My dream job was doing great, I even got promoted a few times and more money was coming in from it and from my paintings.

Little did I know our lives were about to change…but in a good way.

Ch. 1.3 Growing up…

I was finding it increasingly hard to make ends meet while raising Turner. Like I had guessed Hunter wasn’t in his life, so like I said I would I went down to the court house and city hall and signed forms and things to make it so Hunter continued to stay out of our lives. I hate when I’m right about things like that, but it is how life goes, I wasn’t going to have Turner have a father who wouldn’t or doesn’t keep their word on anything they said and who was not a part of his life to begin with – that just isn’t right. I knew though eventually Turner will ask about him and when that time came I’d sit Turner down and explain it to him, and tell him all about it and the reason why. In the mean time to make ends meet I’d paint non stop between chances I got to take naps, and take care of Turner, eventually it started bringing in money and I was able to pay bills and put food in the house and get formula and eventually baby food.

I refused to call my mom for help, but I did call her and let her know that she was a proud grandmother of a baby boy named Turner and she squealed so loud in the phone I thought I’d go deaf. Finally the practically sleepless nights subsided as Turner started sleeping through the night, and before I knew it Turner’s birthday had come again! My little baby boy was going to be two years old, I didn’t have much money but I did buy a cake and helped Turner blow out the little candles on it – he just giggled at me. Finally it was time to give Turner baby food, no more bottles that was the best part aside from teaching Turner how to talk and walk, he learned to use the potty all on his own. He made it very apparent he did not like a wet diaper and learned potty training with in days. As for baby food, I have to say most of it made it to my walls and the floor and clothes the first few times I tried to feed him, then when he learned to feed himself he liked to throw the food around…a majority of it actually.

Turner finally got it down how to eat with out a single mess to be found(thank goodness – scrubbing the walls and floors everyday can do a number on your hands). Time flew by because before I knew it Turner was talking and walking and running when he could, and he was about to turn 10 – it felt as if yesterday I was bringing him home. I had a little bit more money and was able to get a cake, and a few presents for him this time and I was even able to remodel my cabin..into a cabin with a japanese flare. As a present to Turner when the remodel was complete I let him choose the colors out for him room down to the floors, walls, windows and even his furniture – he said that was the best present ever..aside from the one’s he got for his birthday of course. He even started locking his door, hey every kid needs their privacy who am I to invade it – Turner was a great kid, always did his homework on time and never even missed a day at school.

I felt bad though because I was working a lot to make ends meet once again because the re-model took a lot out of my account. I didn’t want Turner to think I was ignoring him or anything, so when I did get a chance I’d spend as much time with him as possible by going to the park, or playing games even helping him with his homework. At one point he asked me to stop because I was smothering him as a parent, that’s when I knew Turner was growing up. After that I’d still spend time with him, but not as much I thought it was funny but at least I knew my son would be a very honest man when he grew up. When Turner was about 12 or 13 I met a man by the name of Dimitri Ignaov while I was fishing on a day off, it was one of my favorite past times.

Dimitri was very quiet and shy at first and then he opened up and started talking. Before I knew it Dimitri and I would hang out everyday after I was off work, and we’d have dinner together at my house or go out to the bistro to eat. Turner didn’t seem to mind Dimitri, in fact Turner seemed to like Dimitri – I’m not sure if it’s because he was happy to see me happy or if it was because it meant I wouldn’t be a shadow over Turner every day. Somewhere down the line Dimitri and I started dating and it was amazing, one day after Turner had gone to sleep and Dimitri and I were talking, I finally decided to tell him what Hunter Cottoneye did to me. Dimitri was not happy about it and apologized so many times I had to tell him to stop and that it wasn’t his fault, and told him thank you anyways.

Time had flown because it was already Turner’s 16th birthday. I had almost forgot about it, and I felt so bad – Turner said don’t worry about it mom I know you’ve been busy with work, and hanging out with Dimitri and everything. The last minute I was able to buy a birthday cake for Turner and he enjoyed it. I apologized for not being able to throw a birthday party but he said don’t worry about it. Two years into our relationship, Dimitri and I got engaged and I was really happy, now to plan for a wedding..and wedding party. Turner was more then happy to accept Dimitri as a father, even if it wasn’t his real father. To be honest, I think Turner would take Dimitri as his father compared to his biological father…anyway.

The girl of my dreams…(Turner’s Diary)

Something I never really thought I’d find myself writing about in here, but I can’t get it off my mind. Maybe it’s because I’m older, and especially since I can’t sleep because both my twin sister’s Kanami and Yuki are wailing upstairs in their cribs. I grew with her..well known this girl since elementary school – her name is Eugenia D, she has green hair and interesting blue eyes. As she got older she only got more pretty, but I figured I was way out of her league until she came to me. To me she was one of those to hard to get, “keep dreaming Turner” types – she turned down every guy who ever asked her heh at one point I thought maybe she just wasn’t interested in guys period. day I was sitting in the library at school finishing up some algebra homework because I had a free period and suddenly there she was.  She sat down an asked what was I doing and I just told her finishing up algebra homework. It was funny her response was like…that is the worst type of homework besides biology in my opinion. I had to keep myself from laughing out loud since we were in the library and all, she had a point is was one of the worsts types of homework to me too.  Soon Eugenia and I were hanging out all the time and everyday and somehow had become the talk of the school, which I really hated.

I didn’t like getting a lot of attention, especially at school. I tried to keep to myself all through school, though I eventually got used to it when Eugenia and I hung out more and more. Somewhere a long the line Eugenia and I started dating and it was the best thing in the world to me. Best thing that could’ve ever happened actually…my dream girl was actually mine.  Suddenly facing the next few years of high school didn’t seem to be a horrible experience anymore with Eugenia by my side – and we continued dating. Now here we senior year and close to graduating and Eugenia has practically moved in, and my mom has appointed me the Heir for the Berry name.

As the Heir I’m to continue the name and I inherit the house, and assets and money. I was really surprised she didn’t wait a little while longer. I mean… Kanami and Yuki’s birthday’s are tomorrow(perfect no more wailing in cribs…or every now and then changing of dirty diapers). Though..I guess it makes sense, the twins are going to only be 10, so maybe the reason she didn’t want to wait was because it’d be awhile before they hit 16 to sit and talk. I think about it though..maybe she didn’t want to mess up the bond my twin sister’s had with one another either…they couldn’t be separated period, one way or another they’d find a way to one another’s cribs or rooms and either fall asleep outside the crib or somehow manage to crawl inside the other’s cribs and sleep.

A secret..between you and I, I am planning on asking Eugenia to marry me when I turn 18. I hope she says yes, she means a lot to me and I think mom and step dad already know I plan on asking her though. I know they won’t say a word though..they know this is just something I have to do on my own(obviously). Well I better go check on why the twins are crying, I am guessing they just want to be next to one another – I don’t understand why mom and my step dad(I just call him dad , my real dad to me…doesn’t exist for what he’s done to my mom..) didn’t just put the twins in the same room to begin with. Maybe they didn’t think things would pan out the way the did with the twins wanting being so close to one another.

High School..(Tuner’s Diary)

Okay…it is official High School sucks. They give to much homework, and always have – how did my mom ever manage it. It’s at these times where I wish I had a dad to talk to or to help me with some of the subjects. Though…ever since I over heard my mom telling her boyfriend Dimitri about what my so called father did to her and I, I want nothing to do with him. In fact I consider my father a complete asshole and if I ever saw or see him I’ll probably give him a ear full or a nice bloody lip and a black eye. I will admit I always wondered every now and then after that weird phone call years ago on my tenth birthday if maybe that person was my father.

I never did get a phone call again though, I think it was because my mom changed my number and her’s and the house number to be safe – and double checked all the paper work of some sort down at the city hall. I guess my mom even went to the police station and filed a report too. I now know why my mom always painted so much when I was younger, and though she was so exhausted she’d still play with me, and teach or taught me everything I know now. Every time I think about my biological father I get really angry now, I hope I never come across him or vice versa or I might get in trouble. My mom explained to me what the painting of the man was finally..and it turns out it was my father.

I asked her why did she paint him, and she said she herself didn’t even know – she still has the picture but I’m done asking questions about it. Thanks to what my biological father did my mother had to work twice as hard if not triple what someone would normally just to make ends meet, and to get things I needed growing up when I was younger. Finally though when I was about 11 or 12 my mom met Dimitri he would come over often and help my mom a lot, and he’d watch me while my mom caught up on things, and while she went to work. When I was 12.5 I over heard the conversation about what my father did, that is what made me so mad back then. I think about it now and I just get like a rage coursing through me, maybe it’s just because I’m 16 now and it effects me more or something.

A few months after I turned 16 my mom and Dimitri tied the knot, and Dimitri gladly took my mom’s last name – Berry. As far as I know the last name Berry is very important to my mom, she said my grandmother asked my mom to keep the Berry name going …since it has been for generations. A couple months later after my mom married I was told I was going to be a big brother, I suppose this will be have another sibling around. I mean…I didn’t have a younger or older sibling at least not that I know of, so I’m kind of excited. Dimitri was jumping up and down like a kid in a candy store when he heard…that’s when I quickly exited the room..I swear Dimitri though he is my step-father…can act like such a kid.

I sometimes wonder if maybe Dimitri is a little kid…stuck in an adult body, but then just laugh at myself for thinking it. Well I guess I better get cracking on these books, it’s not like my homework is going to do itself. Stupid English and math teacher I think they both hate me and are giving me all this homework on purpose. Twice last week I got detention because of them..boy was mom mad – I got my laptop taken away and was grounded from watching t.v. because of it.

A Strange phone call..(Turner’s Diary)

Finally! I was 10 years old – and had a bigger room and everything. Mom almost forgot about my birthday because she was so busy. I don’t blame her though..I remember when I was younger she was always pre-occupied with things. I remember one time when my mom was painting and it was a picture of a man. I remember my mom looking angry that she even painted it and she quickly wrapped it up and hid it somewhere and then I guess started a new painting.

On the night of my tenth birthday after I blew out my candles ate a lot of my cake – I think I ate to much because my tummy hurt after awhile, and after I opened my presents I got a strange phone call from a man. My mom was out gardening, I just had a weird feeling I shouldn’t be talking to this person..for one they are a stranger and too I had a deeper weirder feeling as to why I shouldn’t be talking to them. I didn’t want to be rude though, and listened to what they said and I said thanks and then quickly hung up the phone after about 10 minutes. After the phone call I cleaned up the dishes from my birthday and put the left overs away and decided I’d talk to my mom about the weird phone call I got while she was out in the garden.  Awhile later mom came in and washed her hands, and I asked if she and I could sit down for a bit, and then told her about the phone call I got – a look came across her face that I couldn’t really understand.

My mother said it’s okay and told me thank you for telling her and that she’ll take care of it first thing in the morning. She asked me if I gave the man over the phone any information, and I told her no, she seemed to sigh with relief, after that I told her goodnight and well here I am.  I did try and lay down on my comfortable bed and sleep but I couldn’t get the weird phone call out of my head, or even how they got my number. My mom just got me that cell phone for my birthday so that she and I can only be in touch at any time since she works late and is usually gone by the time I get home from school.  She used to keep in touch by calling the house phone to check up on me, but she said now I was old enough to have my own cell phone – I felt like a big kid in a little kid’s body when she said that.

Well I guess I better get to sleep or at least try to. I have school tomorrow and I’m really excited to start, but super exhausted at the same time. I don’t know if that even made sense..well goodnight for now.